"Every woman is a nurse by nature – such is the faith of the vast majority of people. In fact, a large part even of professional nurses does not know the ABC of nursing. As for grannies, aunties and mummies, then even in educated families pretty often they make the greatest inconsistencies while nursing - totally opposite to that, what should be done”

From Florence Nightingale's book “Notes on Nursing”.

As a rule, after surgeries, injuries and various chronic diseases, assistance is required in performing even the simplest household duties.
At such moments it becomes clear that in nursing care of a sick person it is important for an assistant not only to have medical education, but also kindness, ability to listen and sympathize, patience and honesty that matter. It depends on just professional skills and attitude of a specialist how quickly a person will be well again and how it will feel.

Owing to the knowledge and many years experience, our specialists help patients with chronic diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthropathy, stroke, etc.

What can make our specialist on care?

Care at home is an opportunity:

Cost of care at home starts from 2,50 LVL per hour. The price depends on time and type of service, qualification of a specialist and peculiarities of a client, e.g. weight and disease. Minimum quantity of hours per a visit – 2 hours.

It is possible to buy or rent different technical aids - functional beds, auxiliary aids for walking (crutches, sticks, walkers, etc.), wheelchairs, assistive seats for taking shower and bath, etc.

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Subject to your individual situation, we will offer an optimal number of hours and flexible system of discounts.