1. Do nurses of the First Patronage Service work during the weekends, when it is necessary to leave home for a while and a sick person is alone? Yes, of course. If you need our assistance on weekend or on holiday, we will ensure a visit, agreed beforehand. We work for you to be calm that your dear person will be under safe care.

2.  What is necessary in order to get the service of a nurse at home? A nurse carries out all manipulations only on a doctor’s written instruction. If you have the written instruction from the doctor, a nurse will be able to perform the desired manipulation at the nearest time.

3. How long should one wait for a specialist’s visit? A nurse can get down to work within two working days from the date of the order. A medical nurse – within 24 hours. We will provide visit of a medical specialist within several working days, depending on its workload.

4. What is included in the price of a service? A price of home care depends on the number of hours per day, the work of nurses is paid subject to manipulation and cost of travel to the patient. The price includes applied means for care and bandaging material. Medicaments are not included into the price.

5. How can one pay for the service? One can cash a check or transfer money on the issued invoice.

6. How often can one clyster to a recumbent patient at home? And has a nurse the right to do it? Clyster is not a simple manipulation and has many contraindications. Therefore, only a medical nurse must perform the procedure and only guided by the doctor’s order.