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Care at dementia

At such state patients suffer from memory loss, mental disorders are being aggravated. In contrast to persons with Alzheimer's disease, they realize the situation, their personality remains relatively safe.

Patients care is difficult; however there are methods that can facilitate the situation:

  • Set up a regime in which patients’ life will be organized in a better way.
  • Observing the regime try to keep, as long as possible, the usual routine of daily life, established earlier;
  • Keep, as long as possible, patients’ independence and self-dependence, help them to maintain self-esteem;
  • Refrain from discussing patients’ condition with other people in their presence;
  • Avoid conflicts; remember: it is a disease to be blamed, not a person;
  • Take care of creating conditions for maximum demonstration of patients’ possibilities;
  • Watch changes in vision and hearing, determine whether patients need a change of glasses, purchase of hearing device;
  • Talk to them clearly, slowly, do not cry, talk face to face
While communicating, watch for mimicry, gestures, postures of patients, all these things serve them as means of communication.
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