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Care after apoplexy

Apoplexy is an acute cerebrovascular disease, i.e. burst, spasm or embolism of one of the brain’s vessels. Apoplexy is divided into haemorrhagic (cerebral haemorrhage) and ischemic (brain infarction).
The hardest variant of the disease is haemorrhagic apoplexy. It is a complication of hypertension. A blood vessel, unable to withstand the increased pressure on its wall, bursts and the blood gets into the substance of the brain. The appeared haemorrhage compresses the brain, causing its edema, and this area of the brain perishes.

Such apoplexy occurs most often after a difficult, stressful day. Toward the evening, a head is splitting with pain. Objects start to be seen in red, one feels nausea and vomiting, headache becomes more and more strong – such are warnings of apoplexy. Then there appear disturbance of movements, speech and sensitivity, states from light obnubilation to the loss of consciousness and coma - it is the apoplexy itself.

Another type of the disease is ischemic apoplexy.
In this case a vessel retains wholeness of its wall, but flow of the blood in it stops because of spasm or embolism of thrombus. Thrombi - age-specific changes of vessels’ walls – are able to clog a vessel in any organ causing infarction of heart, kidney or brain.

Anxieties and stress, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and microclimate, overstrain, bad habits - alcohol and smoking - excess weight, sharp fluctuation of sugar level in the blood - these factors can lead to continuous spasm of cerebral vessels with all attributes of ischemic apoplexy.

Care after apoplexy, rehabilitation after apoplexy

Sometimes disorders caused by apoplexy pass quickly, a few months later a person can get down to the previous work. In other cases, recovery of disturbed functions takes longer time.

At the same time there are formed social skills also: speech develops, people learn to independently eat, dress and wash themselves, then they master a telephone, electrical appliances and make themselves at home. Practically in the same way sick apoplectic persons learn to live over again. And, as small kids, they need support, love, approval of their closest people. Good care after apoplexy is important very much.

If patients are constantly talked tenderly, if they feel that surrounding people believe in their recovery, it adds strength and optimism to themselves.

The most intense process of rehabilitation after apoplexy is running within the first year, and then it slows down more and more, and further on mainly adaptation of patients to existing defects occurs. Moreover, if after apoplexy a paralyzed arm or leg still works not in the right way, patients must continue trainings and pay most of attention to development of self-service skills.

Prophylaxis of apoplexy

Factors that you can change yourself or with your doctor’s assistance:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Higher level of cholesterol
  • Insufficient correction of diabetes mellitus
  • Arrhythmia and other disturbances in the cardiovascular system
  • Insufficient physical activity
  • Excess weight
  • Smoking
  • Use of narcotics
  • Drinking alcohol
Factors, on which you cannot influence, but should take into account:

  • Age
  • Apoplexies and heart attacks, sustained earlier
  • Sex (risk of apoplexy is higher at men, than at women)

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