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About us

Trust us – “First Patronage Service” Company - and you will forget about complicacies, connected with organization of care and treatment of your family members and dear ones.

With our work and attitude we can not only take care of people and treat them, but in many cases return people to full of value life and work, help them to overcome illnesses and loneliness, recover physically, socially and spiritually.

Our mission is to offer qualified and comprehensive aid at home for your convenience.

In which cases should you apply to the “First Patronage Service”?

If you or your nearest and dearest need help:

  • after strokes, heart attacks, surgeries and injuries
  • at all stages of cancer
  • in cases with psychoneurological aberrations
  • with other diseases
  • in care of recumbent patients
Apply to us, if:

  • You fell ill and want to call a specialist for care, a nurse or a doctor;
  • You want to get the fast service, but do not have opportunity to spend time in queues;
  • You want to get the full range of medical services without wasting time in search of the staff.
The base of your quick recovery and restoration is professionalism, conscientiousness and mercy of our specialists.
© LLC Pirmais Patronazhas Serviss
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